200 kwh Commercial Solar Battery

Product Name
industrial battery backup systems, Solar energy storage system,BESS
Battery Type
Lifepo4 Battery Cell
Controller Type
Cell Type
3.2v 280ah Lifepo4 Battery Cell
Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery
Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery
Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery
Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Reliable 200KW Commercial Solar Battery

Store solar energy, reduce electricity costs & can be used as industrial battery backup systems.

Product Introduction

The Pknergy 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery is an energy solution crafted with diamond-grade A LiFePO4 cells. LiFePO4 batteries are much safer than standard lithium batteries and have a lifespan of at least 10 years. They are suitable for commercial or industrial applications where stable current and avoidance of grid fluctuations are necessary.

The battery enclosure is designed with an IP55 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor installation and connection with solar panels. It stores excess energy to mitigate grid fluctuations, avoid peak load, and serve as an emergency power source.

Product Features

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Improved Safety, BMS Protection

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

And up to 140A discharge capability

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Up to 215 kWh

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Extended Warranty Up to 10 years

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Grade A Cells

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Real-time monitoring System and remote Debug

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

All-in-one Design Highly integrated, modular PACK

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous Cobalt-Free LFP Chemistry

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Extended Operating Temperature -10℃ to 50℃

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Certification: CE, UN38.3, MSDS,IEC/ISO9001/ISO1400

200kwh battery helps enterprises solve energy problems

Emergency Power Supply

This system can be used as an industrial battery backup and energy storage system to replace generators, providing reliable power during outages or rainy days.

200kWh battery will prevent the immediate losses associated with power interruptions, supporting businesses for several hours to maintain operations and back up data until the main power is restored or other emergency measures can be implemented.

200Kwh Battery Specifications

Cell Basic Parameters
Battery Cell Type LFP
Rated Capacity [Ah] 280
Rated Voltage [V] 3.2
Voltage Range [V] 2.8~3.55
Charge current [A] 140
Discharge current [A] 140
Dimensions [mm] 72*174*207(T*W*H)

Integrated Design

A commercial solar battery is a complete solar energy storage system that integrates nearly all the functions required for a grid-connected energy storage solution, including the battery system, power conversion system, and energy management system.

This saves a significant amount of installation time. Additionally, we support the customized design of individual battery components. You can contact us with your battery requirements, and Pknergy will respond within 24 hours.

Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery
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Establishing a Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

Pknergy is a 20-year premium battery manufacturer, with every component undergoing extensive testing and design validation. The 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery is just one of our standard products. We can customize energy storage batteries of various specifications and look forward to a win-win partnership with you.



 What is the capacity of a commercial solar battery?


The capacity of a commercial solar battery typically ranges from 100 kWh to 500kWh or more. For larger systems, commercial batteries can have capacities exceeding 1 MW to meet the higher energy demands of commercial and industrial applications. The exact capacity needed depends on the specific energy requirements and the size of the solar energy system.


What is a battery storage system for commercial buildings?


A battery storage system for commercial buildings stores energy from solar panels or the grid for later use. It includes components such as high-capacity batteries (e.g., LiFePO4), a Battery Management System (BMS), inverters, control systems, and cooling systems.

These systems are used in office buildings, industrial facilities, retail stores, and institutions like schools and hospitals.


What are the components of battery storage system?

  1. Batteries: Store electrical energy.
  2. Battery Management System (BMS): Monitors and manages battery health and safety.
  3. Inverters: Convert DC to AC energy.
  4. Control Systems: Manage energy flow and integration.
  5. Cooling Systems: Maintain optimal battery temperatures.
  6. Energy Management System (EMS): Optimize energy use and distribution.
  7. Safety Systems: Prevent and manage hazards.
  8. Housing/Enclosure: Protect components from environmental factors.
    These components work together to ensure efficient, safe, and reliable operation of the battery storage system.


Tailor Made for Larger Residential & Light Commercial



During more than 20 years of battery manufacturing, PKNERGY has mastered a number of technologies and techniques, allowing for better products.


Various tests are done at PKNERGY to ensure the safety of our products for our customers.


PKNERGY has a professional sales team to provide you with the best solutions and after-sale services.
Custom Design

Custom Design

Nearly 20 years in the battery industry, PKNERGY Battery is specialized in R&D and manufacturing battery power systems according to the customer’s unique needs.
Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

PKNERGY strives to maintain an environmentally friendly process of operation. This allows us to create high quality products whilst being sustainable.
Innovation R&D

Innovation R&D

Constant innovation at PKNERGY is backed up by high standards of research and design policies.We attach importance to the research and development of product technology innovation, invested a lot of financial and manpower in the development of new products, a number of innovation and new technology patent and protection
Outdoor 200kWh Commercial Solar Battery

Quality Control

Created the Safest & More Environmentally Future for Your Family

While focusing on research and development, we also pay attention to quality. ISO9001 certification in 1999, ISO14001 certification in 2004, OHSAS18001 and ISO45001 in 2016, IATF16949 certification in the same year; “National Integrated Management System” in 2018; ISO13485 certification in 2020, related products can provide GB, CE, UN, UL and other international certification.

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